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Hello! I am looking for someone who has the capabilities to separate the bean into butter and powder for our company.  Thank you!

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Kat -

Just to be clear. You are currently making chocolate from the bean and want to find a way to make cocoa butter and cocoa powder from it? Is that correct?

What kinds of quantities are you talking about? A couple of kilos at a time? A couple of hundred kilos at a time? Tons?

Hi Clay,

I am currently buying powder and butter and making my bars with it. I am in the process of going down to Belize to source some beans.  They will be fermented already, and when I get them I would need to separate the powder and the butter to make my bars.  I do not have the equipment to do this, though I would love some resources on how to purchase them myself. In the meantime, I would love if someone had the capabilities to do this.  Right now, it is only about 200lb/month.


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