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Hi - first post here but I desperately need some help. We're having a problem with our cocao butter sticking in our molds and cannot figure it out.

The chocolate is in perfect temper prior to filling the molds.

We had an issue with the A/C in our store and it *seems* like this is when the problem started - so we tempered (or retempered) the cocoa butter. Black and white seemed to actually work - made chocolate with them and they came out fine - today, no such luck with any of the other colors. I've attached a pic as well.

So here's what we do:
Decorate the mold with the appropriate design

Let the cocoa butter sit in the mold at room temp, which is about 70 degrees F for 20-30 minutes

Pour in tempered chocolate to make the shell

Let the chocolate sit in the mold at 70 degrees F again for approx 20 minutes

Fill with ganache, wait about 20-30 minutes, seal off the bottom, wait 20 or 30 minutes, refrigerate for about 10-15 minutes and dump.

Other variables.
We're using the "elephant" air compressor with various guns
When the A/C went out - our chocolate was in our humidity-controlled storage unit

Chocolate is E. Guittard and the cocoa butter is Chef Rubber (different collections).

I'm sure that I've left out some details but if anyone can help out, I sure would appreciate it!

Thanks much for your time,

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Hi Hilmir - not sure what you are referring to when you say you added "powdered coloring" so I can only tell you what we do and hope that it helps you out.

Because spraying the moulds uses just a little amount of cocoa butter and chocolate we use our small temperer - I believe it's a 1.5 lb one - and somewhat automated - you hit the buttons when it tells you to basically. I think, but can't say for sure that the cocoa butter/chocolate mix is around 89-92 degrees F when we spray it.

As for how it would go for you - I would just try it and see what happens - best way to find out since there are soooo many factors that could come into play.

I got a small can with red powder (food coloring) wich I added to the butter. I can´t be more specific.


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