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I'm accumulating a LOT of cocoa cake and have not been able to find anyone local that is willing to pulverize it. Any suggestions for an inexpensive solution? I easily have 400 lbs of cake and a lot of demand for the cocoa powder!

At the moment we're pulverizing small amounts with a food processor and varying size sieves but it's ridiculously time consuming.


Ideally the solution would be under $1k.

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Where are you located?


We have a pin mill and hammer mill.




We've emailed before.  I'm Carlos Eichenberger of Danta Chocolate in Guatemala.


Please send specs and prices to the email address used for previous communications.

Novital, does some cheap grain crackers, they are hammer mills with different sized sieves, you may find one that suits.

Hi  Carlos,


400 pounds is not a lot ;)

Our hammer mill can process 8 tons an hour...


Here is a smaller version of the Mikro hammer mill many large chocolate companies use, for sale on ebay:


Maybe the seller will take a lower offer?





Yes, for some people 400 lbs might be a pittance, but to me, it's a lot.  And I was wrong, we have about 1000 lbs already :(


Still, those mills all seem to be geared towards much larger production scales


Thanks anyway for the input!


Oh, how about this guy? $1k

This tiny unit will work but will take you a long time to go through 1000 pounds and you will need to put the cake through a pin mill first as you need to feed this hammer mill with pea sized chunks...


go for a bigger unit.



The same folks that make the CocoaTown melangeurs have this pulverizer on their site...

They actually sent me a sugar sample ground with that unit and the particle size seemed adequate.  I had completely spaced this contact!

same unit cheaper but without extra screens:

these guys can get you a solution for about $3k


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