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Hi. I'm new to Australia (moved here in mid-2010).

Unlike the Philippines, a cacao growing country, Melbourne doesn't seem to have pure natural cocoa liquor stocked in grocery stores. Not even the organic / health shops have them. Why is pure unsweetened baking chocolate hard to find in Australia? Is it because there isn't much demand for the product?

In the Philippines, we brew pure chocolate drinks from cocoa liquor in tablet form. I grew up with having those with breakfast. We inherited this tradition from the Spanish, who took it from Mexico. They call the cacao tablets 'tabilla'.

Anyway, I am planning to import some ( if there is interest in such a product here in Australia.


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Industrial cocoa pressing machines are quite pricey (P20M I heard). That's why we don't offer that yet.

Do you supply anything else to Australia? Beans, nibs or cacao powder?

all the comments below pretty much summarise the Aussie scene at the moment. If you do bring beans, nibs or mass let me know pricing. The raw food crowd are bringing in most of the current small volume product (beans,nibs,mass). If you look at the spec's or C of A, its not raw, but roasted product (with the exception perhaps of whole beans).

Cocopure is currently bringing in Java cocoa nibs/mass for this market. The raw foodies would currently be  bigger users than for chocolate makers. If your interested can supply contacts.

We supply 500+ cafes with cocoa product from Cairns to Perth but really at a cafe /consumer level their is little appreciation of speciality chocolate- currently all focus is all about COFFEE

Hence we are currently focusing on promoting the use of chocolate combined with coffee at multiple levels.

Hi, Peter. Thanks for your reply.

At the moment, our product range is very limited. We are looking at importing cocoa mass in 1kg blocks. We can supply beans and nibs in the near future, but we are still determining the price for that.

I have left message at your Contact Us page.


[Oops. I'm unable to leave message at your Contact Us page. Can I send you an email instead?]

I just would like to update this thread that at the moment, we're focusing on finding buyers for cacao beans and nibs instead of liquor, as this requires a bit more refinement on our end.




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