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Hi all,

I recently came across a supplier in Ivory Coast who was offering cocoa mass for my enquiry regarding raw materials.

My questions:

  1. What exactly is cocoa mass?
  2. During which stage of extraction do we get cocoa mass?
  3. Can it be used to make chocolate?
  4. What are the precautions regarding temperature regulation during transit and storage - if any?
  5. Is it different than couverture?

Looking forward to some answers.

Akbar Kaliwala

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1.  Cocoa mass is simply roasted, winnowed and coarsely ground cacao

2.  It is the first stage of the grinding process

3. Yes

4.  None basically... just don't expose to extreme conditions

5. Yes

Thank you for your reply.

1. Did you ever try using cocoa mass to make your chocolate? 

2. How was it?

Cocoa Mass or Cocoa Liquor is the normal way for chocolatemakers to safely store their production materials for extended periods of time.  So yes, I use cocoa mass almost every time I make chocolate. (The exception would be when we start from nibs)

So, to answer point 2, it was just fine. 

What was the origin of the cocoa mass you have used?

Can you suggest me a good supplier to try it out?

Akbar,We only use Fino Arriba cacao... But your question should rather come after you decide what origin chocolate you prefer?

I would try an taste a variety from different origins, with the least "other ingredients" possible.  Your cacao mass is like the grapes off the vines before wine making... chocolate in its rawest form. Let your taste buds decide. Then you can pursue cacao mass suppliers from what ever origin(s).  Good luck on a great search...

Thanks Ramon. You're right. 

In my exploratory stage, I came across this terms - cocoa mass. And I couldnt find a great answer.

BTW, do you only process cocoa mass for making chocolate or do you do bean-to-bar as well?

Akbar Kaliwala.

It took me over two years, back and forth trips to Ecuador, to develop my "bean to bar" process... I wanted constant quality of Arriba cacao for my chocolate, with the least possible interference of other ingredients.   But it was vital to secure the source.  

In my youth I did a summer/fall internship with a coffee and cacao major trader in NY. There I learned how to taste and differentiate qualities. This became very important in what now is my passion.  Coincidence or not, I have a preference for Ecuador Arriba. Have tried many other, but keep on going back to Arriba beans... Maybe it is in my DNA but also my romantic childhood memories of Ecuador.

Too many replies back and forth ;)

Can you send me your email id? I have a few more queries.

Arriba too has added a questions to the mix.

Btw, my id is


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