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Does anyone have experience with the CocoaTown roasters?  If so, would you recommend them?

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Yes! I thought I might give it a second look if it could roast 30kg batches I'm using a fan oven with perforated trays and a Behmor 1600 at this time... and both are working well for me so far.

We are looking at getting a turbofan to start with it can roast 8kg at a time 2kg a tray with a price of about 4500nz NEW

I'm sure that would work just fine.  Our oven holds 7 full sized sheet pans at a time, and we put 5lbs on each sheet pan.

35lbs per hour X 8 hours = 260lbs of beans per day X 7 days a week = 1820lbs of beans per week  = +/- 2700lbs of chocolate per week - more than any artisan I'm aware of can make into chocolate.


And that's only utilizing 8 hours of the day.

Oh nice!... are you pre-treat with steam to aid in bacteria kill and also for flavour development?.

No need to.  We roast over 300 degrees F, so pathogens are killed in that step.

Just trying to understand the point after reading this post


I recommended, for a client, a Moffat Turbofan D25. The D25 (not sure about the (D24) can be plumbed so you can inject steam into the cavity during roasting. Salmonella (in particular) can survive longer in dry environments than they can in moist ones.

Though getting the beans hot and keeping them there should kill all pathogens there has to be a reason why virtually every major chocolate manufacturer has a sanitization step the includes steam. There's no reason not to be err on the side of caution and food safety. Pressing the steam button for five seconds at least two or three times during a roast should be enough. If you are taking the pans out and rotating them (not a bad idea, along with shaking them, too), then do the steam after each turn.

The Moffats are good ovens and they quickly recover temperature after opening the doors.

Looking at the replies to the post, if Sebastian gives it a thumbs up then I would pay very close attention.

Thanks for the info

Yes the turbo seem to be a good oven and they do heat up fast. I've used them before in a couple of restaurants I've worked at. The fan was a little over powering as it would blow the tops off some of my macaroons and other things, but I'm guessing that's a good thing when roasting cocoa beans.

Hi Brad 

We have been struggling to find the right roasting method.  We have tried coffee roasters and convection ovens. We like the idea of the convection ovens but have had too much temperature fluctuation with the ovens we have tried.  

What type of oven do you use? 

Do you need to stir or rotate the sheets during the roast. And if so how often?

Would you get the same oven again, if you were purchasing it again?

Thanks for your input.   

Hi Holly,


I have never hear CocoaTown Roasters but I can offer our roasters for cocoa roasting


Our customer in S.Africa Cocoa Fair using our roaster I sqaw nice comments from them in this forum.


If you contact with us we can give offer.



Thanks for a great discussion everyone, so helpful to have these topics available for browsing!



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