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It's time for my first belt change on my Cocoatown Melanger. Inno Concepts tells me that I shouldn't attempt this myself, and that the motor "may" need to be removed in order to change the belt. Has anyone on this forum done this themselves? I'm a newbie.

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It shouldn't be too hard to do it yourself. When I was starting out I went to a hardware shop that also repaired appliances like blenders to help me put it together. 

I didn't see why the motor would need to be removed to remove the belt.

What you need to know if that the black plastic ring which holds the metal coupling to the bowl is removable. This allows you to separate the top of the machine from the bottom, with the large wheel and makes running the new belt from the motor to the wheel easier. It needs a bit of stretching to fit tight.

As for replacements I read good comments about using Powertwist belts which may last longer. 

Hope this helps. How long did the original belt last? 

I don't think we're talking about the same machine. There isn't any metal coupling on the bowl. The bowl is a completely separate piece which lifts right out. I just need to flip the machine over, and remove some screws to get the bottom off, in order to get to the belt. I got the exact belt I needed from Inno. The first one lasted about 6 months, but I know it was my fault for overloading it with something too thick & sticky.  Patience this time....

Yes, I have done it myself. And it's quite easy. It's very important that you find the same size of belt and to pay attention to the alignement.

Hi Maria, thanks for the reply. I got the exact belt it needs directly from Inno Concepts, so that shouldn't be an issue. So no motor removal necessary? I actually found a tutorial online on how to replace the belt in a Santha, and I assume it's a similar process (although Inno told me no) I think they're just trying to get me to ship it back to them & pay them to do it....

Hi Katherine,

we have ECGC 65 A grinder from cocoatown. my husband changed the belts a week ago and it was ok. he used a wrench 19. we did not remove the motor, just raise it, but don't remove it. 

Looks like we have different machines. Mine isn't a grinder, but a melanger ECGC-12SL.  It's a lot smaller than what you have, so I'm thinking (hoping) that it shouldn't be that difficult. Inno is offering to walk me through it over the phone for the first time. Should be interesting. :)

**Update** I was able to get this changed out with no issues. I have no idea why I was lead to believe that it would be so difficult. Haha. Unfortunately, it didn't resolve the issue, which is, the machine jams up as soon as I put something in it. It runs fine with nothing in it, but as soon as I add ingredients, the wheels get stuck. Back to the drawing board. Thanks to all who replied.

before you add stuff make sure they are pre-warmed and fluid and add little by little...not all together. help with hot air gun if needed :)

The issue was that the seal on the bottom of the drum wore away, thus creating an air vacuum which stopped the drum from having enough power to spin. I resealed the drum using some food grade epoxy, and voila, issue resolved!

Hi Katherine, would you mind sharing how you changed the belt on Cocoatown's SL12?  I'll be doing the same thing as soon as my new on arrives and would love to hear how you did it.  Thanks!

Hi Laurie,

Sorry for the (very) late reply. If you still need the info:

You need to remove the bottom of the machine, and remove the old belt, which is the simple part. The difficult part is getting the new belt on. Inno was extremely unhelpful when I called after trying for hours to get it changed out. Here's the trick, and I couldn't believe how simple it was:

Thread the belt on the metal piece towards the back of the machine, then take a very strong twist tie, and tie the belt securely to the back wheel (closest to the metal piece). Thread the other end of the belt over the front wheel, and spin. As long as your tie stays secure, the belt will slip right on. Remove the tie, and voila!

Hi, i'm trying to find the belt to relace the snapped one and i was wondering if you could tell me the code of the belt you bought since their seems to be a variety of sizes..... or which one you bought on Inno Concepts?

thank you!!


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