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It's time for my first belt change on my Cocoatown Melanger. Inno Concepts tells me that I shouldn't attempt this myself, and that the motor "may" need to be removed in order to change the belt. Has anyone on this forum done this themselves? I'm a newbie.

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Hi Cat,

On my receipt, it said "Belt for ECGC12SL Deluxe Melanger". If you have the same model, this is what you need. If not, call them & give them the model #, and they'll be able to provide the correct item. Good luck!

I'd really recommend switching to the PowerTwist fiberglass link belt that Felipe linked above. They don't stretch and you'll probably never need to replace it. I ran a few Cocoatown ECGC-12s for 3 years or so using them without ever having to change or tighten the belt.

Thank you Katherine for the tip. However, I am here in Ecuador and it's a real challenge to find the replacement with that information. But I did manage to find on today after visiting a million shops. Hope it works.

I will however with more time look for a fiberglass link belt that Ben mentions because it is a real hassle to change these belts so often and with less luck the motor will get damaged. Do you know how many cm or inches the fiberglass link is for the ECGC12?

Thanks both!

The older model ECGC12 that I had used a 3/8" width belt. I'm not sure what the newer model ECGC12SL uses, but I'd assume it is the same. I don't know how long it was/is, but it doesn't really matter since the link belt's length is easily adjusted.

Great! Thank you so much.

Hi Ben,

Could you tell me an approximate length on that belt? I'm looking to order one of the Powertwist belts.

If I remember correctly, I think the belts on the small melangers are about 3 feet long.


In all honesty I have had a very bad experience with customer service from Inno Concepts and tend to avoid using them as a resource if I have any problems. The belt I bought is a micro-v 31"x 3/8" belt. Not the powertwist, as it is not a v-belt. Here is the link to the specific product I bought on Amazon, you may find this in an autoparts store as well. These belts have universal part numbers regardless of the company that may produce them, in this case 310J4

Very helpful, thank you! 


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