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Cocoatown Melanger Chocolate tastes like burnt rubber

Im using the recipe that I normally use in my new Melanger.  Im having serious issues.  Melanger chocolate tastes like burnt rubber after a few hours in the new machine.

Has anyone experienced this?  Is this just because its new?

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Not too familiar with Cocoatown machines, but you may need to tighten the belt. Ben Rasmusen of Ptomac Chocolate recommends changing rubber belts to fiberglass. Take a look at his site or DIY on this blog. Good luck !!!


As I understand it, that is true of the older machines, but they upgraded the factory belts on the Cocoatowns a while back.  So, I dont not think it is the belt. 

I actually sent the machine back to Cocoatown when I first received it, because it was giving off such a strong odor.  They did extensive tests and said it was running fine, however it is really altering the flavor of the chocolate.

Thanks so much for your input,


We did a couple of batches of chocolate in the machine returned and we could not reproduce the rubber smell. We even tried using the machine in a closed room for 24 hours. We also talked to few of our customers and they do not recall having such a problem. One possibility we can think of is that the recipe you are using may be more viscous than normal and strains the belt.


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