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Cocoatown Melanger - ECGC-12SLTA - Leaking Chocolate - Epoxy Glue Fail

Early this morning I discovered the machine rotating in a pool of chocolate at the base of the machine. After thorough cleaning, I discovered the plastic ring glued into the center of the granite base was turning freely. It appears the epoxy seal broke. I contacted Inno-Concepts and they recommended I use food grade epoxy to fix the problem. They also recommended I keep the machine in a warmer room or place a heating element near the machine to keep it in the 80's. The machine had been operating for 29 hours and no sugar was added. I have been using primarily only Dominican R. beans in the machine. 

Machine age: 3months

Room operating temperature: low-mid 70's

Batches a week: average 2

If you own a Cocoatown Melanger have you fixed this part or what is the typical lifespan before having to reglue? Also, what type of glue would you recommend?


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