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What is the best coloring method to prevent or decrease color fade?

I’m currently using oil-based colorings (Chefmaster and some Wilton) with white Callebaut couverture.

Until now, I’ve only used small amounts of color for drizzle decorations on truffles. I have noticed a slight amount of color fade (especially with pink), but it’s not particularly noticeable, since there is so little of it.

I’ve started doing solid chocolate lollipops with larger swaths of color. In particular, we’re doing some baby-themed pops (pink, blue, green, etc. filled in the deepest part of the mold, then completing the pop with dark, milk or white) that I want to sell through local hospital gift shops. Our test pops, however, are showing a significant amount of fade, just after a few days.  They are currently packaged in cello bags.

I’ve researched some other options like using a powdered colorant or colored cocoa butter.  Could the cello bags be accelerating the fade?  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Mickey Miller
Mount Vernon Confections
Mount Vernon, Iowa

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Package them in something that doesn't let the light pass through.  What you're seeing is a photo-catalytic degradation.

"In these black bags we have 2 colored pretzel sticks.", heheh! 

We've noticed colors can fade in the dark as well, might be an oxidization thought to it.  Mainly it is our blues that go--sometimes red but it's not consistent.  Same things happen with some of our icing colors with cakes.

Love to know a trick or brand that has more resilience.  We want to try the food-based-colors as well.  Neat to see if beets do the same.

Your all natural, food concentrates, will fade faster i'm afraid.

Yes, because the appeal of this product is visual, I'm reluctant to put them in anything but a clear package.

You know come to think of it I've never seen our transfer sheets fade.  There must be something out there that has a more reliable or longer color hold that isn't toxic.


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