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I was checking at the label for chef rubber cocoa butter and i don't understand when they said to temper the cocoa butter how do you temper something that small and also i want to buy an airbrush i was looking at kopycake but open for any recomendations.

Thank you

Roger Rodriguez

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Hello Roger!!! well working with cocoa butter could be tricky too, personally i dont temper the colored cocoa butter ( when I say "temper" I mean I dont follow temperatures like when I temper Chocolate) what I do is to melt down the cocoa butter to the point you can put your finger and feel it is hot but you dont get burn, after I work the cocoa butter over a marble (same technique we use to temper Chocolate using the marble) until it is warm-cool. After following those steps it will be ready to use with very good results.. Good Luck!!!

Carlos Coronado


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