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Comparison tempering machines Choco 10 (or 15) by Mafter and Chocovision Rev 1 (or 2)

Hi there,

I am currently looking at different tempering machines for my (rather small) production.

Anyone out there using any of the two machines mentionned in the title and willing to share advice? Or even if you've used both, a comparison of the two would be great.

Many thanks in advance,


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For small production work I am a big fan of the 6kg Mol D'art Melter. You have to temper the chocolate yourself, but it will maintain the working temperature. Also, you can make molded chocolates with it very cleanly. Good luck!

Hi, Anissa. I did my research on Amazon and based on the mixed reviews, decided to go with Chocovision Revolation X3210X - and love it. I've only made 3 lbs. of chocolate each time and they turned out beautifully. It does all the tempering work for you and the bowl is big enough to add nuts and spoon the chocolate mixture out. It also keeps everything at the right temp so you don't have to worry about any changes. Enjoy and have fun. Beth


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