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Hi folks. I'd like to do some experimenting with decorating molded chocolates. Specifically, I'm thinking of putting a drop of colored cocoa butter in the bottom of a mold, and then hitting it with a shot of canned, compressed air to drive it across the cavity.

The can I just saw said it included a "bitterant" to dissuade kids from inhaling it. Anyone know if the bitterant will ruin the taste of the chocolate?

Would something using carbon dioxide cartridges be a better choice? (as you've probably guessed, I do not current have an air compressor, or I'd just be using that). Thanks for suggestions, ideas, thoughts!

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Yes, a bitterant will negatively affect the taste of the chocolate.

Interestingly, David Funaro of Godiva demonstrated just such a technique at the recent World Pastry Forum in Phoenix. Although it's not a part of this video he did discuss his experiences using compressed air with a bitterant added and says to stay away.

There are several places where you can get cans of compressed air that do not have added bitterant. One of them is Chef Rubber.
Thank you, Clay. I should have thought of Chef Rubber!
I was looking at the can used to clean the computer keyboard at work, first time I've noticed the bitterant label on one. Of course I'm miles from home and my chef rubber can is there. I saw that demo and wanted to start playing with it.
Wow. I just fixed my speakers and watched this video. It's exactly what I was thinking of. Weird. I had no idea this was shown at WPF. I better figure out how to attend next year!
I am so glad someone asked this question. Being a Newbie I often wondered what kind of Compressed Air to use, I have an Air compressor, But that would blow the chocolate into next week. And I was thinking about the computer canned Air. But now I see I better get some regular baking canned air. Or something a long those lines. So actually I answered my own question.
You can put an airbrush on your compressor and use it to blow only air, But ramp back the PSI.
What I have been using are hand pump plastic containers, that you fill with oil (olive oil) pump several times and used to replace commercial cans of pam or the likes in my muffin baking, ect. These pump plastic cans work well pumped several times with nothing in them for chocolate work, no running out, no compressors, nothing except the same air in your surroundings, easy to control temps that way as well.
Oooo...That is a smart suggestion! Nice thinking!


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