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Hi all,

anyone know if this machine is good for conching chocolate?


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This type machine is called a Universal and it can be used to grind, refine, and conche chocolate.

If you are interested in a machine of this type I work with a supplier down in Peru who can provide them in either 40L or 100L capacities and ship directly to you in Honduras. I have worked with the supplier to make minor modifications on the smaller machine to improve air flow (and therefore conching ability).

:: Clay

Hi Clay, thanks for the reply. that contact would be interesting. I was offered my 50 L that machine to $ 3300 in china. you think?


I would not buy directly from China unless you are prepared, immediately upon arrival, to examine all of the electrics and electronics and completely re-wire the machine. I would also make sure to ask what material the blades and the inner surfaces of the machine are made of. They have to be made from extremely hard (expensive) steel. Otherwise they will wear down quickly and you will get a lot of metal in the chocolate. Ask what kind of steel and then let me know, I can tell you if it's the right kind.

These are the sorts of details that the Peruvian company I work with takes care of for you. We also work hard to ensure the quality and finish of the welding is good. They are little things - but unless you are prepared to do the work yourself, it makes sense to spend the extra money and have them done for you.

Hi Clay,

Hi Clay, thanks for your help and expertise, could you tell me what cost has this machine Peru?

Hi Clay, probably too busy, but if you could give me the contact of serious peru awesome. many thanks


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