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I have a Selmi plus and need to move to a facility where running a 3 phase line is a costly endeavor.i,ve been told I can get a phase converter or possibly switch the motor. Anyone have thoughts or more importantly experience with this?

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Melanie -

If you do decide to go this way - the 10HP machine will work. I don't know the relative pricing.

Mike - thanks for the heads up on these guys. I have not come across them before.

Thanks Mike will look into all these this week. One question... How noisy is it. I work about 6 hrs a day so noise could get to me.
FYI phase perfects smallest conveyer for 36 amps was $3290 before shipping- ouch!

The rotary phase converter is about $600-750 as I recall.

I guess i lucked out on buying it as part of a package!   I do remember when I had the electrician installing it, he opened it up and said "That looks expensive."  I guess he was right.

Seems like you're not going this route, but for the record, the one i have is nearly silent except for a high pitched noise (like the sound old TV's used to make, but a little bit louder).  The selmi vibrating table is much louder by comparison.


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