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I thought I've seen a thread called "How do you make your truffles" (or something similar), but I could not find it.

I am very new to bonbon and truffle making (got yet to get started), but during a class I took at ICE in NYC, we were told that although their recipes called for corn syrup, we could make the ganaches without it.

Do you use corn syrup? Why (or why not)? I would like a better understanding on this ingredient.


Andre Costa

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I contacted Marroquin last year to inquire about purchasing organic corn syrup. This is what I was told:

"We do offer organic corn syrup, typically in the 1400 kg tote pack. 59 lb pails are an option, too, with some timing and planning. We have the totes packed into pails (at a certified organic facility) and pails can be offered at the time of repacking."

They then directed me to International sugars here in Canada as a supplier but they would ONLY sell by the pallet. I never did get back to Marroquin but plan to. If there are a few of us interested in the buckets maybe we could approach them as group??

I also found a chocolatier who uses Marroquin organic corn syrup so contacted them to see if I could buy a bucket. I used their contact form so I don't know if they received my email. I never did hear back...
Lana, if you're planning to order some organic corn syrup in large quantities, I'd definitely recommend trying a sample first. You just never know...
Thanks John,
I did get a sample. You are wise to recommend it though as it was different. It was golden in colour and the flavour wasn't quite as neutral as regular glucose - a little more caramely - but negligible. I really liked it in caramel and tried it in a few ganache recipes and didn't notice any difference in flavour. It's thick like glucose syrup rather than the thin like corn syrup - mind you I got the DE40 so that stands to reason.
Yeah, I bought some corn syrup from Nature's Flavors... fortunately only a little. They sent me brown rice syrup instead (packaged as corn syrup) and then they were incredibly rude to me over the issue and refused to take a return. I then cancelled the order with my credit card company and they fought every step of the way, just had to have that $15 or whatever it was.

Long story short, excellent advice John.
Don't use it! It's completely unnecessary and just sounds cheap when listed on an ingredient label. The high fructose variety is definitely bad for you. If you're worried about binding active water to extend the shelf life, invert sugar is a confectioner's secret weapon and so are culinary antioxidants like rosemary extract. But you can get by without either of these as long as the chocolates are eaten within a week or so. The fresher the better anyway...
Unfortunately, unless you're just making them for friends and family, a "week or so" shelf-life isn't going to work.

Invert sugar certainly has its place, but I'm pretty sure I won't be using rosemary extract to extend shelf-life.
Corn syrup is invert sugar.

Wow, I must say rosemary extract really took me by surprise, which is no small feat when it comes to chocolate.
Hello Andre
I think alternatively you could use glycose syrup.
Corn syrup is what we Americans, awash in corn and typically lacking in basic knowledge of monosaccharides, call glucose syrup. ;)


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