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Cottage Law now available (again) in California!

Thought I'd share this news.  Since I'm hoping to start my business out of my house, and save a ton of money on renting a kitchen or trying to find a community one, this news makes my soon to be business much closer to reality.

Just a little background on a "cottage law" for those not familiar.  It's a law that allows "low risk" foods (like chocolate or baked goods) to be produced out of a home kitchen and sold to the public.  There are several states that have these laws on the books, and California (from what I understand) used to have one years ago.  Unfortunately, California tends to overreach and put too many laws/restrictions that tend to be not business friendly.

Well, Gov. Brown signed a law back in Sept. that went into affect Jan 1st. 2013.  So now people wanting to start a small chocolate business out of their house can now do so.

Here's the direct link to the L.A. Co. health dept. website to register:

Hope this info helps someone.  :-)



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As I understand it though - if you use cream then you are using a 'high risk' food and that's not allowed.  

That is probably the case.  So if you are doing creme centers, then yeah, that may be a problem.  Still this is a huge opportunity.  While not perfect, it will give a lot of people a chance to get a home business off the ground, which would otherwise be impossible.

In Utah, as long as the finished product does not require refrigeration, it is allowed.

That makes perfect sense.  


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