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I'm working on making creamy fillings for plain chocolates.  I haven't yet found a recipe that I'm happy with and I don't like the artificial taste of the essences.  Any ideas?

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just use real ingredients.... or essential oils? And by creamy fillings what to mean exactly? lactose free? um.... ok.

puree soft tofu and about half the amount of sugar in a processor, add melted coconut oil, in a stream until a thick mayo-like consitancy is achieved.... flavour with essential oil of .... well.... whatever, lemon grass? Ginger? Coconut?

chill til firm, cut into squares, or scoop. dip/enrobe. done.

You can use coconut milk in place of cream to make ganache.  Infuse it with herbs, or chilies or whatever you want. This makes a good ganache but it does have a coconut flavor.

I have been making ganache using soy milk for the last few months.  I generally use the vanilla flavor and often use different frozen fruit concentrates to make a pretty nice truffle.  I use the same measurements recommended for creme or milk.  1 1/4 cup of liquid poured over 10 - 16 oz of chopped chocolate depending on how hard I want the ganache.   

I have often thought to give that a try, what fruit concentrates do you use, what gives a good result. I have easy access to apricot and mango, I think apricot might be good - with a milk or dark milk chocolate.

Just to put my 2c worth in - I often use passionfruit puree direct onto milk chocolate. Raspberry is good straight onto dark. I use Boiron fruit purees.

I replied once and it didn't post, so here it is again.  Passion fruit is my favorite and a latino market has guava juice and Caribbean cherry which were very good.  Whole foods used to have a nice cherry juice which would go nice.  I have reduced oranges and lemons.  I want to try tamarindo and when I get back to the DR some zapote and guanbana and see how that turns out.  Maybe banana would be fun.  I will have to put some of these through my juicer and make my own cherry juice.   

Sounds good.  I wonder if fruit cordial would do the same job.  Worth a try


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