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I'm working on making creamy fillings for plain chocolates.  I haven't yet found a recipe that I'm happy with and I don't like the artificial taste of the essences.  Any ideas?

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Heat 1 cup of cream in a double boiler
Add two vanilla beans and cook until soft.
When soft split beans and add the vanilla to the cream (throw away the seed pod).
Add saffron threads, 1/8tsp (crushed to make sure the pieces are very small in size).
Stir well (wisk)
Add 12-18 oz. of white chocolate (very the amount to change the viscosity) to the hot cream.
As of late I've been using 18oz of chocolate, it makes a fairly stiff ganache.

Sounds delish. but..............I neglected to mention that I need a recipe that's lactose free. Sorry, any other offers? 

Are you molding your shells? Or were you planning to pipe or scoop them?

Have you tried reducing a puree?

molding. One other detail which I neglected to mention is that I have to make this batch lactoser free. Any ideas??

Use goat's milk.  It has no lactose.

or coconut cream if you want a coconut/tropical flavour

Goat's milk contains essentially the same percentage of lactose as cow's milk - so is really only useful to people who are cow's milk protein allergic - not lactose intolerant.  



You're absolutely right, and I was absolutely wrong.


I learned something new today.


Cheers and thanks!


I use fruit purees, but they have to be reduced. I use cream and/or butter so I don't have many suggestions for you. I know of some folks who use coconut oil or even vegetable oil, but I have no recipe. Sorry.

Coconut oil sounds a great idea.  Thanks:)


You said you were looking for a creamy center.  Have you actually "tasted" goat's milk?  It's consumed world wide more than cow's milk and tastes just fine.


Coconut oil will not get you a creamy center - just one that's high in fat.

I've actually had some made from camel's milk - completely unhelpful, i know, but it was actually very, very good.  not entirely practical for you however 8-)


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