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I had a customer request for a chocolate crescent wrench, I've been looking online for one and came across some hobby PVC but the detail wasn't there, I know it sounds picky but I'm after more then just the general shape. They want one that looks like an actual tool. I could make a silicone mold but they want quantity and that won't do the trick. 

Anyone know where I might be able to find a Poly mold of a crescent wrench, or an wrench? If it's PVC that would be fine too just has to have some sort of detail. Thanks for any assitance in advance! 

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While on a training course in Italy, we were taught how to make tool replicas by molding them in cocoa powder -- very similar to starch molding.  Basically what you do is make a nice deep bed of cocoa powder, smooth it down, and then press the wrench into the powder.  Extract from the powder with a magnet and pour in the chocolate.  This can be repeated very easily.


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