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Hello people,

I have a question to a problem. I hope someone can suggest me how to proceed.

I am trying to make butter fudge (mix of sugar, butter, whole milk cream). I take the mix of ingredints up to 116 C and then let it rest for 5 minutes to cool down. Then I thoroughly stirr until a homogeneous syrup is formed. Then I pour it into a metal bowl. It tastes great but I have always the same gritty texture. I have tried doing it several times. It seems that there is something in the process that makes the sugar crystals to aggregate and to make it gritty. Does anybody know how I could avoid having a gritty fudge? Maybe by adding invert sugar or glucse-fructuose syrup? or b modifying the process? Thank you for your help! Kind regards, Cezar

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I would suggest adding some glucose or corn syrup to inhibit crystallization. Also, the warmer the mixture is when you stir it, the coarser the crystals will be. If you want it really smooth, let it cool down to 100F before stirring.
Thank you Ruth. I will try both ways. I was not letting the fudge cool to 100 F. So I wll experiment and let you know the results.
To get smaller sugar crystallization, the cooler the better, the recommended 100F will help. Also the more shear you can give it, the smaller the crystals will be, so when you beat it, put as much into it as you can, tabling like you would for tempering chocolate works nice or in a planetary mixer but watch the strain on the motor. The temperature you pour it for slabs will make it firmer or softer due to the level of sucrose still in solution and the bridging affect with further crystallization after setting.

If you add additional glucose syrup you will increase the syrup phase, making the fudge softer and stickier. The polysaccharides in the syrup will make the fudge less tender. The advantage is with increased shelf life.


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