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CSI - It's not Just for Crime Scene Investigator Anymore

Willamette Week announced today that ChocolateLife member Sarah Hart of Alma Chocolate in Portland, OR has started a sweet alternative to a CSA (community supported agriculture program) - CSI, or Community Support Ice cream.

Read the full article in Willamette Week online to learn more about this innovative new program.

I personally think it's a great idea. Good Luck, Sarah!

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Way to go Sarah! What a fabulous idea! People must be thrilled to get in on the ground floor with this project. I'm sure it makes them feel special. And it's a great gift for someone too. How about that for a wedding gift?! Who needs china and silver when you can have fabulous ice cream for a year!

I hope you're not discouraged by that Curmudgeon's comments (in response to the article - not Clay's!). Some people thrive on cranky (to the chagrin of the rest of us...)

I'd love to know how it all works out for you.
Lana -

I heard back from Sarah yesterday after I posted this -- she's already sold more than 75% of the shares!

Woo Hooo!

- Clay
Wow. How fantastic is that? We talk about economic depression and people are still willing to give themselves a treat. I heard the chocolate business is not just about chocolate, but about gifts and rewards -- things people don't want to give up and WILL NOT give up even during a recession.

Sarah totally deserves it -- and so do the people who signed up for it. What a fantastic idea! (Too bad I am not in Portland.) She is a good example of someone very talented-- a great chocolatier with a very creative entrepreneur/business mind. Very inspiring.

I have a question: wouldn't this work like "the-ice-cream-of-the-month-club" type of thing? I had thought about throwing that out there since many of my friends ask me about my chocolates or if they can buy it somewhere...

Woo Hoo for Sarah!
Hey all, thanks for the support and nice words. I was not too discouraged by the curmudgeon at willamette week. Some people are just unhappy and want to spread the gloom. I will always consider legitimate critiques but that was neither substanative nor on the mark, so I let it roll off my back!

We sold out shares in 3 days and I was able to order the machine right away! I am in R & D now (what fun, thoug it means I am going to have to up my mileage on daily runs--ha ha!).

So far- Coeur de guanaja both plain and with santander chocolate coverd nibs mixed in! Excellent. The best chocolate ice cream I've had.
Vanilla bean custard- came out like soft serve- so creamy! We tried it with our housemade habanero caramel sauce! Sooo good.

Today- Coconut sorbet with marcona almonds and cru savauge 68% chunks!

Tomorrow- vegan coconut, rum, chocolate sherbet and a fresh cherry sorbet that we'll serve in a glass of prosecco for an artist reception friday night.

Juliana- you could totally do it as an ice cream of the month club! What a cool gift that would be! I'd love to get ice cream every month personally!

Sigh... I wish I lived close to you... and I don't really like ice cream! It all sounds soooo good. Congrats.
Wow. These sound amazing. I love living in Salt Lake, but no one is doing anything like this. A shame too cause I have all the necessary chocolate at really low prices. Hopefully someday someone will get daring and do some great chocolate ice cream here. Anyway, congrats on your new machine.
So, do you sell chocolate wholesale?

Why don't you try doing the ice cream yourself??? That would be really awesome. I am actually in Oregon, but have family in Utah and just know they'd love it too.

Yes we do sell wholesale. While it would be fun to try making ice cream, I am already working 90 hours a week! Your family should come check out our chocolate selection (over 325 bars) and take one of our chocolate classes.
Matt- thanks! I looked up your business on the web. It looks really great! We haven't had reason to drive through salt lake in a while, but when we do I will be stopping in for a chocolate fix! Cool.
Wow, I am embarrassed. We had to put up an interim website, until our new one is launched next week. Be sure to let me know when you are coming. I would love to meet you.


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