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They rate more than 700 Bars and 300 'Boxed Chocolates".


Annual Membership is $19.



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Two of the book reviews belongs to the history book. Both are dated August 2 2009.

The New Taste of Chocolate, by Maricel Presilla (2001)
A revised version of The New Taste of Chocolate, by Maricel Presilla was published November 2009. The first version published 2001 is reviewed but no note about a revised version.
A second updated version of The True History of Chocolate, rewritten by Michael Coe was published October 2007. The first version
of The True History of Chocolate published 1996 is reviewed (Written by Michael Coe and his late wife Sophie). The obvious choice would have been to review the second edition.

I can't evaluate the offering from C-spot without a trial version. Currently this looks like a gamble and probably a waste of money.


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