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I've seen some members here have some custom boxes either with name or design etched into their box. Right now my family uses custom ribbons on our boxes but the time consumption is pretty long, I think to create 100 boxes it takes us at least 1.5h which is a bit too much.

The question being where are these custom runs coming from? Nashville wraps & sugar craft do some, but not the caliber or type I am looking for. I don't think we can do a batch size over 500, but some I've seen here come from very small startups like our own so I doubt everyone is affording a deep gross amount.

Thoughts and referrals appreciated.


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What are you looking for in a glue?  Just a small strip, use a glue stick. One that many artist use is called "Yes Glue.", a little longer drying time, but excellent. Best bet is to go to a good size art store or online to Amsterdam Art, Dick Blick or Utrecht. Call them and ask for an expert in that field.

Note: Michael's which is in most towns is not an art store, it is a craft store and will not give you the range you might be looking for or the expertise.  Also, if any of you use acetate sheets, the above art stores are way cheaper than anything I have found in food based sales. Remember to take note of the mil size you need.


I made custom boxes and also have about 2 years worth! 

Chocolat-chocolat in Montreal has great boxes. They are expensive to ship all the way to me but aren't so bad for you.


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