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Hello to all,
I'm looking for a company that supply's and custom cuts candy cushion pads.
I have received a quote from a supplier in L.A. but was looking to see if I could get a competitive bid from another company.
I would be grateful to anyone who can recommend a supplier.
Thank you in advance.

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Are these white, gold or brown?
Hi Ruth,
Thank you for your help.
I'm looking for brown and prefer 5 ply.
I have used Murnane in Illinois. 708-449-1200. Turn about--who did you get a quote from in LA? Murnane was the only one I could find that did brown.
Thanks, Ruth.
I've been buying sheets of the pads and candy cups from Qualita Paper Products in Santa Ana, CA. Their number is 714-540-0994. They will custom cut 3, 5, 7 and 9 ply pads.

What kind of quantity are you looking for?

Hi Brian,
I'm looking to order about 2 to 3000.

That's a fairly low number for customized, but try Murnane as recommended above.

Thank you. I have called Murnane.


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