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I apologize if this has already been discussed, but I couldn't find it.


I'm looking for some sources to create custom chocolate molds. I've done several with a company overseas which has been great -- I send them a jpg file, and then send back some digital treatments, and when it's finalized they make 50 molds and ship them to me.


The process takes only a few weeks, and works well and is reasonably priced, but I'd like to work with a US company if possible.


Anyone have any recommendations?

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Try Tomric in Buffalo.

Just out of curiosity - is the overseas company you are using making you polycarbonate molds or thermoformed?
Just simple thermoformed plastic. I'll check out Tomric -- love their catalog molds.
There is the Chicago School of Mold Making ( They have a section on their site about custom work, although it is mostly silicone molds.
Hey there Brian! I use this stuff to help with odd jobs. Knead-a-mold.

I have had to use it for sculpture pieces and also if a customer wants a certain form made into chocolate. Last I used it for sculpting a chocolate hippo for someone...they had the shape they wanted, a small wooden carved hippo and then I made a 3-D mold from that form. It is so easy to use! It is a good thing to have on hand.
Also, I know someone who has a vac-u-form machine and can make plastic molds from shapes. Let me know if you need their contact info! Both of these sources are in Chattanooga, TN...where I am from. If the link doesn't work for can look it up at

I have a website that is all about how to make custom chocolate molds if you want to learn more about how to do it yourself.  See

Tomric, Micelli Mold co both do custom


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