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hi all

i want to know haw i can make custom made mould to emboss the name or logo on the chocolate same (totally chocolate) company
and wich coulor i can use to make good printing on the chocolate by use silk screen mould


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Make your own silicon molds. I make the shape, design, etc, of what I want out of something like marzipan, spray the surface with confectioners glaze/laquer, then use it to make the mold. Works well.
Chef Rubber is one place to go for mold-making supplies.
Tomric has a custom mold program. They have a selection of molds that can be quickly customized for a fast turnaround, or they can make a fully customized mold for you with a longer lead time. Either way, they're great to work with.

We should keep in mind that Saeed is in Syria.

:: Clay
you mean thay timric thay will make the mould or they will fix machine for you to make this mold
then i saw company in france thay namele etudiant du chocola thay have exelant ebbosse and print on chocolate i want to know is this art or machins we can bye it
Tomric will make the molds for you. If you want to print directly on the chocolate, try the equipment from Masterpiece Systems. although it is very expensive.
Valrhona in France also has a custom mold program, but they are very, very expensive.
how expensive is the printer from masterpiece systems. I don't see any pricing.
this master peace printer is bad quality it`s made in tiland it`s print but the machine is not quatity to work but it`s cheap printer mabe around 2 or 3 thouthand USD
the best one is chocographi printer it`s amirican and very quality to hard work
hi Mr clay

what you mean (keep in mind that Saeed is in Syria)


Hi Saeed,

I should think Clay was saying that suppliers based in America might not be the best recommendations because of the distance you would need to ship everything. Do you want to make what you need yourself?

thanks you Mr duffy

and sorry to ask about some mining cose my english langueg not good
and some meanings i cant understand it good

thanks for you and for Mr clay and for all
hi all

i`m from syria but now my business and i live in Saudi Arabia and about the moulds and any thing i prifere if i foind from the near counte=ry what i need but even there is no suplaier i have no problem to get it from any where the i prefer to find profesional machine to fix it in my countery to make easy custom mould cose the normal custom mould i have small factory to do in syria it and it`s exelante price and quality and i`ll add picture for that



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