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We make our own marshmallows and enrobe them in chocolate. We have tried cutting them using a knife, pizza cutter and caramel cutter (6 blade rollers). All of them get sticky with marshmallow every pass. Does anyone else have any ideas? I considered a guitar but think the same thing will happen. We appreciate any help you can give.

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A friend who used to have a marshmallow business used drywall taping knives to cut hers.

I did take my guitar there one weekend they were producing and she found it useful to cut them.

We use pizza wheels and knives to cut ours. Coat them (the marshmallows) liberally in cornstarch or as an alternative powdered sugar and you shouldn't have a problem.

The problem we have is that the middle is very sticky and using the pizza cutter or a knife works for a cut or two. Then you need to wash off whatever your using. The part we coat in cornstarch and confec sugar is no problem. We appreciate the help from everyone!

My friend also used a pizza wheel - but she was very picky about which ones she purchased - some worked well depending on the blade/handle configuration, others more poorly.

We picked up a Chicago Metallic Marshmallow Cutting Wheel and it is fantastic. a light spray with oil/butter and away you go.

$10 well spent. :)

The blade is plastic and perforated.

I would consider enrobing with chocolate twice. first time before cutting and second after. The chocolate creates a thin layer making it easier to cut. Otherwise, your marshmallow recipe might need to be firmer.(more gelatin perhaps)


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