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Daintree Estates - Australia gets another bean-to-bar chocolate maker

Very exciting news! Australia now has four bean to bar chocolate makers (I think I am counting correctly). Haigh's, Nui, Zokoko and now Daintree Estates ( Check out their comprehensive website for more info, the shop is not up and running yet but soon I am told.


I have had the good fortune to have worked with some of the cocoa from Mango Park run by Don and the chocolate I have made from it is amazing! The flavour notes are very unusual, I get liquorice and pineapple very strongly in this chocolate.


Well done guys!!

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Yep! :)  Just waiting on a few more things to be packaged and we'll soon have sales via the website.  Only weeks away now.  Sneek previews attached.  Shhh...

Looks like the online store is up and running!

Sure is.  First orders have just been received by the customers and tasting feedback is starting to filter through. :-)

Display photo from the launch at the Sheraton Mirage Resort at Port Douglas earlier this month. Looks amazing I think you will agree

Further update, i don't know if anyone caught the Jetstar inflight magazine article well this is even better exposure for Daintree Estates chocolate. They had the tv show Landline do a story on them, go to and follow the chocolate!

I love following the chocolate!


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