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Daintree Estates - Australia gets another bean-to-bar chocolate maker

Very exciting news! Australia now has four bean to bar chocolate makers (I think I am counting correctly). Haigh's, Nui, Zokoko and now Daintree Estates ( Check out their comprehensive website for more info, the shop is not up and running yet but soon I am told.


I have had the good fortune to have worked with some of the cocoa from Mango Park run by Don and the chocolate I have made from it is amazing! The flavour notes are very unusual, I get liquorice and pineapple very strongly in this chocolate.


Well done guys!!

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Hey Tom don't forget the other Australian
 bean to bar producer
"Cicada Chocolate". 
Well i would like not to forget but i think i did, i am pretty sure i have come across the name before but couldnt access your website, and forgot with no other means of contact, it was a difficult followup. I am trying to access right now and cant. Just found your facebook and therefore your email but there aint much else there. So what do you do, where do you sell?
I have, still no love, have used Safari and Explorer on several machines. I will try at work when i get there.
Ok got in, took a million years to load the site and i still got the message that it couldnt open the page? Dont know what is going on there, Ill have a look around.
Well ill have to order some bars then, look forward to reading more as the blog continues!

Actually Daintree Estates is not just a bean to bar chocolate maker, but the only pod to plate chocolate maker in Australia. ;^)


Our full size blocks are not far away now.  Product launch is expected in September or early October.

Hi Tim good to see you on here.
Thanks Tom for your continuing interest in the Australian cocoa growing project over the past few years.  At long last (much to our grower's delight) we're just about there!!!
Just received a sample the other day. Excellent work guys, the flavour notes unique to the Australian bean are very well showcased. I just heard that the 80g bars were coming off the line on Monday. I look forward to seeing the packaging.
Thanks Tom - yes, our 80g blocks are being packaged now and we should have them available for online ordering within 2-3 weeks.  We're all nervously excited!!!
Keep us posted Tim - I'm keen to try them

We had the fortune to try both the 70% and 45% milk chocolate today. Must say I'm *very* impressed with both. The balance of sugar and mouth feel are excellent. Did you do the roasting profiles and formulation Tom?


I have a cold today so taste is impaired but from what I could taste I liked. From what understand the price point will be $8-$10 / 80g bar?


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