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I've been trying to source Dairy free milk chocolate. I know it exists (Callebaut) but I'm not sure it's available in the US. Does anyone have a distributor that sells it or any other dairy free milk chocolate?

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I tried to track down the Callebaut dairy-free milk chocolate in the US last fall without luck.  If you find it, let me know.  I've also tried some of the other dairy-free brands of milk chocolate and they are all fairly disgusting - both in taste and texture.  Plus, none of them seem available in bulk.  Even if you find them in bulk the costs are high (esp. considering the quality or lack thereof).  Best, Andrea 

I wonder why it's not being sold in the US. Anyway, what are the sources of the dairy-free milk chocolate brands that you have tried. I know you haven't done too well with them, but I have a group of people who aren't too picky, so I would like to try it. Thanks!!

I tried the Enjoy Life Rice Milk Bar - totally gross!  I've tried the Sweet Chocolate Dream bar - yuck!  Beyond those 2, I'd have to go down to my food co-op to see what other brands they carry to let you know which ones I've tried.  I love milk chocolate so much I even tried to make a recipe at home for dairy-free milk chocolate.  It was a recipe I found online and it was beyond gross. 


I am wondering if the dairy-free Callebaut is available in Canada and could be shipped into the US.  Of course I wanted to try a sample of it before ordering a whole huge bag and realizing it either tastes gross or doesn't temper well for use in molding.

I've emailed Callebaut and will let you know if I get a reply regarding availability.

Thanks. I tried them myself and got no response. But the Canada thing is a idea. let me know what you here. I know about the Enjoy Life and Sweet Dream bar, but even I'd they were tasty, the price is unaffordable. So, I guess my people with have to stick with semisweet for the time being. Thx again

HI there what about the best one? 

I'm looking to source the milk chocolate in order to make the confections. Premium Chocolatiers doesn't sell chocolate for making confections unless I've missed something


In what quantity are you looking to source this? Please shoot an email to  and we will quote it.

One of the challenges is that in order for it to be called milk chocolate here in the US, it has to have dairy in it:

(4) Dairy ingredients:
(i) Cream, milkfat, butter;
(ii) Milk, concentrated milk, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, dried milk; and
(iii) Skim milk, concentrated skim milk, evaporated skim milk, sweetened condensed skim milk, nonfat dry milk;

Callebaut might not be selling it here in the US for labeling reasons. If you import it from Canada you should be careful how you label it. Calling it "dairy-free milk chocolate" won't work - at least as far as the FDA is concerned. That's why some companies refer to "mylk" chocolate.

There are a couple of bean-to-bar companies I know that use coconut milk powder and it's really quite good. Not making it as couverture to sell, though. Askinosie uses goat's milk and while it is goat-y it's not too goat-y.

It is possible to make.

Hi Clay. I think Callebaut was using rice milk. I don't know if that classifies as dairy. I don't think so, because they are saying it's dairy free. I know that I use clarified butter at times, and although it's dairy, it is casein free and lactose free. I don't say it is dairy free or parve, just casein free. All I really care about is that I can make some casein-free products for my people. Now, while goat's milk does have casein, it's supposedly a different casein then cow's milk and some people can tolerate it. But it's way too complicated to get into that if you know what I mean. And I think the Askinosie bars would most likely be too pricey to use. But I think it's really cool that they are making it. Coconut milk would be awesome-but you are saying they just sell it for chocolate bars? Not couverture. Oh well.

So-it is possible to make? You mean like using cocoa powder, a dairy-free milk product, and clarified butter type thing? 

I use rice dream, which is dairy free (pareve) both in peppermint patties, creme centers and truffles. It works great and makes delicious centers for my semisweet dairy free chocolates. I even slowly cook it down and make dairy free (pareve) "evaporated milk" from the rice dream.

I use it too, but am looking for the dairy free milk chocolate.


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