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I'm finding that all of my 1 oz bars are getting mold release marks once they are set up.  I'm positive they are the artifact of slow/uneven cooling (as per some good tips/advice from a member here), but it seems that no cooling method I try gets rid of the marks.

What is the preferred method of cooling solid bars in the absence of a cooling tunnel/cabinet? 

Thanks in advance

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Don't just look at the molds. A thin vacuum formed mold like that is affected faster by room and table surface temperatures. If you have the molds on a cold surface the chocolate can crystalize too quickly, forming unstable crystals. Try making sure the molds and table surface is slightly warm. Also, if placed in cooling that works for polycarbonate, it may be allowing the bar to set up too quickly. Bottom line, make sure you're not cooling the bar or surface too quickly.
In my most recent trial, I warmed the molds on a wire rack on a heating pad prior to filling, and i still got the same result (whether cooled at room temp for 10 mins then into the fridge to fully set, or cooled in front of a fan blowing around around the top and bottom of the mold). I feel like there is a way to get it to work under the conditions i have available, but with the amount of time i've already spent, i think the new mold solution sounds just right (worst case is i end up with a higher quality mold in my collection :)
Just following my injection molded molds from chocolat chocolat on monday. i molded a few test bars, and was very happy to see the release marks were gone, but i was even happier that over the course of molding we were able to produce the shiniest bars i've ever made.

thanks again everyone for the tips, now i can sleep at night :)


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