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I really enjoy using luster dust to decorate my chocolates as do many chocolatiers. While what I have been using has been noted as non-toxic and not a food ingredient, I do not know how much or to what extent I can safely use it. I am aware that FDA approved luster dust is available and would like to know who uses it exclusively or any other feedback.
Thank you.

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I use it occationally on the top and have never had any problems.
I only use EDIBLE luster dust. If it's not clearly marked edible I prefer not to use it.
Samantha, you always provide a wealth of information! Thanks for the breakdown of luster dusts. I actually thought they were worse than what you outlined and, like you, avoid chocolates decorated with the stuff. However there is this one application where I would love to use a little (stress 'a little'!)... I've tried powdered gold as an alternative - didn't work. I've been looking into them and found info about this lady who makes luster dusts with no fillers. They are called Crystal Colors. This is the write-up on the gold:

"This is a professional grade Antique Gold Luster Dust that is an FDA approved luster dust and is made in the USA. This luster dust will add a golden shimmer effect to your creations when you paint it on. This product contains no fillers. This product is made by Crystal colors. 1/2 oz per order. This product is also certified Kosher by the manufacturer."

As you can see this particular colour is certified Kosher.

Also Samantha, I couldn't open the link you gave. Can you check from your end and see if all is OK?
Got it - read it. Thanks Samantha. Interesting that when they are discussing the amount the ave. person consumes per day they mention contact lenses as one of the examples?????
Thanks everyone for the feedback valuable information. It happens that Crystal Colors is one that I am ordering to work with and may decide to use exclusively if I like.
Please report back on what you think of it.

Hi Lana/Chocolate Lady,

Did you ever have success with this product on Chocolate? It is appealing to me because I am having trouble finding a good product that is also certified Kosher. I am looking for an item that would allow me to add some color to dark chocolate products w/out using white chocolate that I have colored. I think this could do the trick but its hard to find a picture w/ a sample. 


Chef Rubber might have a kosher-certified luster dust that is FDA approved. One way to apply is to mix with melted cocoa butter and decorating the insides of the molds.

I never did get around to trying them.  It looks as though Sugarcraft is the maker of these 'Crystal Colors'.  The sugarcraft website states that there is no lead or any other metals in the product - they are just made from US certified food colors.

I don't know how they compare to the ones at Chef Rubber or the PCB ones at Qzina.  Chef Rubber doesn't list ingredients that I can see...  The PCB ones contain iron oxides which apparently are inert - although they are described as toxic at high doses.  Iron Oxides are banned for consumption in Germany.  

It's a bit of a head scratcher...  Good luck with your search!

This is chocolate unrelated but I couldn't get the example of contact lenses as a source of pearlescent colour intake out of my mind. I looked it up. Take a look - kind of cool!
I don't wear contacts, but if I did I'd be willing to try it out. I wish they had more pics of other colors.

The stuff I get from QZINA is certified Kosher--blessed by Rabbi Schlessinger himself.

I'd still love to know what is in that stuff.......... 


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