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Recently I ran into a subtle yet great looking decoration for moulded chocolates at Somehow they have managed to introduce perfectly straight lines of a different colour into an irregularly shaped mould. 

I'm guessing that these lines perhaps might be airbrushed, but I'm wondering if it's perhaps done without airbrushing so I can also try it myself. I've mixed colours before in a mould, but I don't know how to accomplish such perfectly straight lines (especially since the surface of the mould is not entirely flat) .

Any advice on how to accomplish something like this is very much appreciated.


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Hi Kris,

It's actually much easier than you think.  Don't think of it as adding a straight line to 1 cavity - rather it's done as 1 continuous flow.  Use a pastry bag or squeeze bottle with a very small tip.  Hold it above the mold and squeeze thinking of it more like laying down a thread instead of painting in a mold.  Start outside the mold so you don't get a drop in the first cavity.  Your movement shouldn't hesitate and should be fairly swift.  If you've ever painted walls - think of cutting that edge that meets the ceiling or baseboard.  If you're too slow the line will look messy.  With a confident hand and steady hand, you get great results.  What you want to keep in mind is starting outside the mold, raising up at least a few inches, and 'laying down' the line rather than being right on top of it.  Practice on parchment until you feel comfortable.  The uneven mold makes no difference.  Good luck!

Hi Lana,

Thank you for your feedback. It's great to hear that it might not be all that hard after all. I'll start practicing the technique you suggested.



This looks like a line of dark chocolate to me and not a colored cocoa butter.  Use the same technique described by Lana. 


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