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When I dip my ginger-infused truffles, the tempered chocolate sometimes cracks or streaks. I've reduced the amount of cracking by rolling the truffles in my hand in tempered chocolate first, letting that set, and then dipping them with a dipping tool, but it's a lot of work! The streaking is confounding me. The chocolate is in temper (88 degrees), so I'm wondering if there's too much liquid in the ganache or if the ginger is somehow affecting the temper.

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Watch the time you roll the truffles in hand with chocolate.  Temperature of your hands at the surface are 92F+ and you can untemper the chocolate.   When you then dip again, it can soften and blend with the untempered first coat.  Also watch the temperature of the centers, if too cold you can get streaks as you no longer control crystallization.   Try rolling on parchment paper in chocolate. The paper on wood or styrofoam sheet keeps it from cooling too quickly.
As Mark stated, your centers should not be cold; they should be at ambient/room temperature when dipped. Also, you may try rolling the centers first in untempered chocolate, as that first coat will not contract--and possibly crack--around the center. Once that first coat is set, you can dip the centers in your tempered chocolate.


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