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I have a caramel center that is very soft. It is very tasty so I would love to keep it as it is, but it is impossible to dip. I do not have the means to use truffle shells at the moment.

I was wondering if it will be possible to dip them by hand when they are very cold and hard. I know the shell will probably crack, but I was wondering if I do that and it turns out more manageable for a second dip if I will not be able to keep it as is.Will the fact that the first dip screws up the temper of the chocolate result in problems with the second dip?

If it is not possible I will have to change the recipe.

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Hi Magrietha, 

please do not make it sound impossible in South Africa. We have opened a factory (  in Cape Town and previously i had a small "home business " of 25 sqmt made with tools from around the world and some  of them i bought it in Cape Town.

i have 2 of the silicon molds that i love for the simplicity of work and consistent results. 

what i haven't found in Cape Town or South Africa in general i have imported from Europe or Usa, you will be surprised that sometimes it works out even cheaper than what you get at the "hobby" shops.


Thanks Nino, I will keep that in mind. To be honest I could only find Barco and Chocolate World and they do not stock the molds we need. It is difficult to find the suppliers if you do not know where to look. I go to the internet and simply find nothing.

Everything else I need I have been able to find in the Gauteng area, but with the molds I seem to hit a brick wall. This is my biggest problem, no one seems to have decent brochures with clear photos so I can see what they really have. I am still continuing with my search.

If you can give me the name of a supplier of decent molds I will be very grateful.

Sorry if I sound negative about South Africa, but I am just so tired of battling to find suppliers. is in Holland (but I didn't see they have the mold you are after) - these guys are in mumbai - Belgium,43,0,0,1,Home,00.html - Italy - China - Italy  - I think they may be the one who makes the mold you want. - Belgium 

Thanks Kerry, We will be contacting all these people and find out how much it will cost to get them here.

Hi Magrietha,

like you i have been in your steps 3 years ago when i arrived in Cape Town and started planning my business... on my side i have over 20 years of experience as Pastry Chef and i had to deal with start up/looking for supplier in all the corner of the world.

In South Africa it has been a bit more difficult but it is possible.

We have a lot of small business chocolatiers as clients  and, like you, they all had problem finding answers to their problem.

most of those issues where as well finding suppliers and having support when they had problem with the chocolate...

Now they can call me.... 

Nino, I thought I should just let all of you know that I found a place in Midrand that can supply almost everything I need. Good news for all South Africans. Some stuff will still have to be imported and some is really prohibited expensive, but at least I now know where to start my search.
I make caramels by using a ganache frame. Once poured and set I actually freeze for about 10 minutes. I release the frame and cut the caramels into squares.In about 15 min they are back to cool room temp but not cold and can be dipped or enrobed. ( I enrobe) You have to work fast, before they lose their shape but rarely do they crack. Once enrobed they go back in the cool room (60 degrees) for about an hour (or more).

Thanks Melanie, I am glad to hear that it can be done. I think the mistake I am making is to let them get too soft, as you say, I should work faster and them I think getting them cool afterwards is also something I did not do so, before the chocolate was really set it started to go everywhere. I can see now that is the biggest mistake I made.

There is soooo much I still need to learn, but with all the help I get here I will succeed in the end.


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