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I moved to the USA a year ago and started my business selling what I consider to be "european style" chocolates. I learned early in my career to pipe whipped ganache for dipping and I've kind of stuck to that technique and being in the USA discovered that it's a method not commonly used ( from what I've been able to find online at least) . From that perspective I assumed I would have something novel on offer. My experience here is showing me that the trend toward molded and colored products is what sells. I've considered changing my technique but not sure if that's wise seeing as I have a name for "no artificial colors" and purely molded bonbons are a little too old-school in my opinion. Is a divided assortment too sloppy? Some molded and some enrobed? Or do you think it should be one or the other? Curious what you all think... 

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You can buy natural colored cocoa butter. I do both molded and enrobed pieces. With whipped ganache, don't you have a short shelf life?

I recommend keeping them 10 days tops but I've tasted some after two weeks and they are fine... yeah I was looking at natural coloured cocoa butter... Thanks for the response, I'm going to have a look at what you are doing. 

Love your chocolates! 

I would do what you are passionate about. If piped ganache is your thing and you are good at it go for it.  People love to support someone who is passionate about their craft. Many chocolatiers in the usa do use color. There are a few who don't use color and are quite successful because their chocolate is excellent. I especially admire Lionel Clement of Nuubia Chocolate.

If I can offer my two bits...

For fun, and maybe something "exclusive" to offer your customers do what you're passionate about.

For business, don't bother asking people on this forum what you should do.  They/we aren't your customers.  ...And don't ask your customers either.  They already like your product.  Poll people in your area who don't buy from you what you should do.  After all, they are the ones who should be paying your rent but aren't.

Good point about asking people who don't buy from me. I must be doing something right because the large part of my clientele order again and again. 

Piped ganache is my thing , indeed, and I am good at it and I love doing it, 'nuf said I guess! Passion sells.

I ask here because I know you are in the same business and I value opinion from professionals. 


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