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Can somebody give me the best way to dispense caramel onto a bed of pecans?  Appreciate it.  Karen

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I'm guessing that more than one person might point out that you didn't give nearly enough info about what you're doing to answer that question. But on a small scale, here's an idea:

Thanks for that idea, I'm hoping we will soon have need of that kind of machinery!!  Very cool.  I'm looking at about 10 sheet pans at a time for now.  I appreciate your time and input.  Karen

Just use a funnel with a stick. Lift the stick to allow the caramel to run out. Stop the flow by pushing the stick down. You can also just use a spoon, but that takes a very long time.

Thanks Ruth, I'm thinking that is my best option too, for now, for the scale we are operating at.  I do have funnels that I use to dispense ganache, they work well.  Appreciate your time:)  Karen


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