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Hi everyone,

We are a small chocolate company based out of DC - we are looking for ideas on displaying our bars.  We have a few stores who have improvised displays of our bars - in baskets, or in tea type boxes, or on risers, but now some new stores selling our bars are asking us to find display options.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Also, does anyone know where to get boxes made to house bars as they do in bigger stores - like a box that holds 10 quantity where the front rips off and can be used as a display?  If so, any idea on cost?

Thanks so much,

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Yes, that is my next step, once I stop changing my wrapper designs that is!


Can I ask what glue you use? I am still using tape and the bigger stores are not impressed! I can't find glue that drys quickly enough though...

Very high tech, glue sticks!

brand name? :)

whatever is on sale

I've been look for more eco-friendly option let me know if you find one. 

I use a double sided tape that is micro thin and comes in a roller applicator. It leaves a sticky film, not really tape at all. Works great.

I apply in 3 spots along the seam to save tape. The product is sold at Staples and is called "Permanent Glue Tape".

I'll be curious as to what other TCL forum members use.

Thanks I will look into it. Both the double sided tape and the glue.

I've used various glues as well as a couple different 'glue tape' type things. The best I've found so far is the Scotch Tape Glider:

The applicator is very handy when doing a lot of wrappers, and the tape is less expensive than any of the others I've tried.

That is really cool, it's similar to what my company use. Have you considered putting stamps covering more of the wood, saying things like, High cocoa content, fairtrade etc It could help it stand out even more.

great idea I will look into it! Thank you. 

Hi Meira,

I too am curious about the paper sleeve (wrapper) on your bars.

Can you tell us who makes them and perhaps costs?

I currently make my own wrappers by hand, but am looking for a commercial source.

Thank you!


Hi Mark - we originally used an online option called uprinting - we now may move to using someone local for our next round - but Uprinting was actually fairly decently prices (I think maybe $30 for 500 if I remember correctly??  There is a local designer attached to our kitchen space who suggested we use uprinting.  We have had some administrative problems with them, but their prints are nice and well priced.


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