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Hi everyone,

We are a small chocolate company based out of DC - we are looking for ideas on displaying our bars.  We have a few stores who have improvised displays of our bars - in baskets, or in tea type boxes, or on risers, but now some new stores selling our bars are asking us to find display options.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Also, does anyone know where to get boxes made to house bars as they do in bigger stores - like a box that holds 10 quantity where the front rips off and can be used as a display?  If so, any idea on cost?

Thanks so much,

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Hi Meira, i just spot your question , Im currently on the same situation. I will try to implement a kind of gourmet chocolate bar and will try for a second time to distribute ( 1st time truffles) and has always though how to get gourmet branding competing in a candy store. Kind of difficult.

So i came with a solution , buy some acrylic display and made a custom designed for it. I attached the idea .

I will like to know to what type of businness are you distributing currently and how everything is going so far.


Thanks for sharing this - that seems like a great solution!!!  We still haven't found a perfect solution, I am still searching.  We have called a few companies to see if we can get point of purchase boxes made for a reasonable price.  We have also started to seek out already made options - from, from  But so far, haven't found anything that really works for our bars.  If anyone else has any suggestions, let us know!!  Nice to know I am not the only one with this problem.  

Hi Meira

I currently wooden display cases. I fix up wooden CD case and just stamp my company name on them. I like them because they last and there is less waste. I am attaching the picture.  But as increase distribution I am getting requests for the cardboard display boxes too. Did you have any luck finding a company to make them?  I would love leads!

Hello Shalini,

I'm a real newby and just trying to get going.  Your display looked great and is something I can easily make, I make displays for my coffee now.  My question is how you do the rest of your packaging?  It appears as though maybe foil with a paper sleeve?  Is this something you came up with or is there a company that makes these components.  I guess I would need to know the mold necessary too.  I currently only have a 1 oz mold.  

I just made it up! No company to share with you. I am sorry. 

Hi again Shalini, you print these wrappers yourself? That is what I am asking, you print yourself? Or do you have it printed by a commercial source?

I make mine by using light weight photo paper, cut them, and glue them on. Is this what you do ?

Thanks again,



So what is it you want to know? This is my product stand for my company - I know it needs a bit of work but we have only been going for a month.

Looks great!

Hi Gabriel, I am curious how you make your wrapper, do you have printer or a commercial wrapper company who makes them, or do you print yourself too?

I am also curious about your sleeve around your bar, is it separate from the wrapper with the logo. I can't tell from the photo if it is all one piece or two.



Hi Mack,

They are separate. The base layer is wax paper which is put on with a machine using heat to crimp the edges together. The sleeve or label is just a sheet of high quality recycled paper that I stick on with sellotape.

You can study one in detail - if you buy one! :)

It's a very cheap method but I feel it matches the current 'rustic' trends or fashion if you like. Remember though I have designed this for the British market so not sure just how well it would work abroad...



Hi Gabriel,

I missed seeing your reply yesterday. Wax paper, wow! Do you mean it is not a pre-pared sleeve, but a sheet your wrap and seal?  Looks good either way. Do you do your own printing on the recycled paper? What weight is the recycled paper?



I have a local printer print and cut them for me, then yes i use glue. I started with printing and cutting myself but that got old fast.  


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