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Hi everyone,

We are a small chocolate company based out of DC - we are looking for ideas on displaying our bars.  We have a few stores who have improvised displays of our bars - in baskets, or in tea type boxes, or on risers, but now some new stores selling our bars are asking us to find display options.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Also, does anyone know where to get boxes made to house bars as they do in bigger stores - like a box that holds 10 quantity where the front rips off and can be used as a display?  If so, any idea on cost?

Thanks so much,

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Thank you Meira. I just sent them an email to get a price quote.

What weight of paper did you use? I currently use 32# paper, hope to get a slightly lighter paper.

Hmm, that is a good question.  I am actually unsure as our designer had uploaded it all and specified what we wanted.  We have been happy with the quality, but it is true, the paper is not super thin.  

Hello, not sure if anyone is still watching this thread but I have gone from not knowing a thing about packaging to having my bars on the market.  Sold out in hours on the debut with a small store.  This display, which I made, works well for horizontal labels.

Got sleeves, paper backed foil and am rocking.  Now I need to up my production!!!

I would Just have a search on Alibaba for export cartoons as I think thats what you mean as opposed to product stands. Then when you have found a factory get it customized.

Does anyone know of a source for pre cut aluminum foil squares?  Not really square, rectangle 4" X 6" to wrap chocolate?

Jim, I buy mine from Bags for Gifts online. 

Low prices and fast service. Its paper back foil I buy, but they offer foil too.

Here is a link:

Look around their web site.

Best of luck!

We use alufoil,  They have different colors (we use blue) and can do custom sizes for a very good price.


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