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Hi all, I'm looking to build a winnower and have come across a few models posted on this site. I also have the blueprints of another winnower that looks promising but cant figure out one of the steps. The blueprints are attached so if anybody has actually built this model or can tell me the function of the 1" bolt and nut and how to install, it would be much appreciated.

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Donny -

This blueprint is from one of the early iterations of the "sylph" winnower that John Nanci over at Chocolate Alchemy designed. Have you asked on that forum?

BTW, you uploaded a very small thumbnail that's impossible to read.

Hi Clay thanks for your response and side notes. I wanted to ask on this forum first as it seems more active at this time.

In terms of feeding a steady supply of nibs, i was planning on mounting a cracker (crackenstein?) over top and having the nibs feed directly into the winnower.

With regards to preclassifying, is this simply running the nibs through different sized screening?

Regarding the baffle, i thought the triangular wood notches running down the main shaft scattered the nib and shell?

I noticed you posted a question on a DIY seed cleaner winnower that I posted a while ago.

If you are looking to DIY something yourself, I recommend this "visible" design where you can see what's happening, take it apart, and tweak it. I posted some thoughts about how to improve the basic design for use with winnowing cocoa in the comments to the video.

Dear Donny, 

I have made that winnower a year ago and it still works well. I assume you refer to the piece of pipe you'll need to cut out and use to create a kind of convection in the supply tube? You'll just put it in-side, place look at the photo's that are placed on the site where you got it from. The system works oke for small scale, a constant supply is crucial to obtain a oke efficiency (depends a lot on the cracking of the beans). 

Good luck! 


Hi Donny,

As Clay mentioned, this was designed by John at Chocolate Alchemy. I started a thread over there about it when he first released the design that has a fair amount of discussion about its design and construction (although I'm not sure if your specific question is answered there yet):


Thanks Ben, I've read that thread and studies the blueprints but couldn't figure out that one part. and you're right, my question has not been answered there yet.
Okay I read that post as well but couldn't figure out how the deflector sits in the looks like it's cut 3/4 of the it then just bent forward?

I'm not sure what you mean by it being cut 3/4 of the way and bent. When you cut the hole in the pvc, you're left with a disk. That is then bolted to the inside of the pvc pipe blocking the bottom of the feeder pipe.

It's not bent (other than the existing curve of the disk). The drawing makes it look like the curve goes top-to-bottom, but really the curve fits into the curve of the pipe, as shown in the photo on that page.

Does that answer your question, or am I still misunderstanding?

Got it now. Thanks for the clarification!

No problem--glad to help!

By strictly following the measurement and plan from the you'll get a perfect wooden winnower on the cheap. The wood material is attractive and the plexiglass front provides a show as well allowing to check what really happens.


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