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I'm making gianduja for gifts. It has cacao liquor, hazelnut praline (nuts and sugar), and white chocolate (couldn't get cocoa butter on time). Do I need to store it in the refrigerator or is room temp ok? Same for what I should tell my friends. I'd think all these things can be stored at room temp on their own, but I'm not sure if that changes when the nuts are broken down or when it's all together.

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The commercial gianduja I use gets stored at room temperature (usually in a dark cupboard at 18-22C). My homemade gianduja is softer at room temperature than the commercial stuff, so I'm still working on my recipe

I'm primarily worried about food safety issues. I'm also working with consistency. It was too liquid so I added white chocolate, but I added more than was needed to get the consistency I wanted. When cooled, it's about as solid as a regular milk or gianduja bar would be at room temp. At room temp, it's pretty soft.

With no milk products, safety isn't really an issue.  Keeping it in an airtight container in a refrigerator will keep the hazelnut oil from going rancid as quickly, though (assuming it wasn't rancid to begin with, of course).


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