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Hi ! I am new in this forum and very excited to be here. I live in Israel and will be opening a chocolate shop and visiting centre soon. I am very busy with workshops and do a lot of demonstrations, lessons and tasting sessions. I am looking for a video or short film that I could get( of course I would pay for it if necessary ) that shows how chocolate is made...from bean to bar. I need something which is really not too long. If anyone could help me here I would really appreciate it. I am also looking for posters and pictures which I could use in my shop
Thanks for all the fun information in this forum!

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Hi Limor.

Not sure if you've done this search yet, but I typed "bean-to-bar video" on Google and I got some results. I did not check them out, but that's a start.

Good luck with your new endeavor!
THanks Andre..I will try it. But how can I use these films?
HA! Now that's a good question.
I would, first of all, see if any of the films match what I was looking for. Then I would contact the site where the video is being presented and ask for their permission to use it.

But hopefully someone here from The Chocolate Life will be able to help you.

Good luck.

I've been doing research on this for some time and I am always looking for good videos. However, most of the videos on-line contain wrong information.

Here's one that is definitely wrong, wrong, wrong. In this short clip, "expert" Denise Bennett grinds cocoa nibs in a Champion juicer-like machine ... adding water before she begins. As near as I can tell, Ms Bennett's expertise in chocolate stems from her involvement in what appear to be two natural-food restaurants.
I make bean to bar chocolate in Israel, and may be able to help you for what you are looking for. We have been trying to document as well as we can, and eventually will put a video together.
All the best,
Hi...First of all I would love to taste your chocolate. I would be happy if you could help me with the video...THANKS!!!
Ilana has some in ashkelon, and regarding the video, I'll keep you posted on its progress.
THANKS a lot!!!
I can save some for you till we meet - let's do it again in May. Eli called Rinat the day after we met him...
Hello, I recently completed a documentary on Chocolate called...... In Search of the Heart of Chocolate. You can find it at I hope you will enjoy it! Shalom
Hi Sarah..thanks for your reply. Is it a documentary about the making of chocolate from bean to bar...thats more or less what I am looking for


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