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does anyone have any experience of tempering raw chocolate?

i am new to raw chocolate but have worked a lot with couverture.  The raw chocolate I have been asked to make includes cocoa mass, cocoa butter, agave and coconut oil.  Has anyone had any experience of tempering such a blend bearing in mind that 'raw' usually limits your temperature range.  i am also unsure how the coconut oil may interfere with the cocoa butter crystallisation.  i won't know the exact recipe until I decide whether to accept the job.

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Aside from the fact that "raw chocolate" is a 99.99% misleading load of crap, there's a very good chance that both the agave and coconut oil will prevent it from tempering.


I think if you REALLY dig into the source of your cocoa mass and cocoa butter you will find that they are processed at very high temperatures - WAY beyond the threshold acceptable for calling it raw.


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