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Does anyone know of a bulk choc. as good as Valrhona in the same general $ range?

I am trying to find a brand to use in bulk in the same general price range as Valrhona, but of the same quality. Everything I have tried so far is either WAY worse or WAY more expensive. Any help would be great.

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What have you tried and was it worse or more expensive? (no point in suggesting things you don't like or skipping suggestions that you're getting a bad price on)
Hey Robert, Thanks for you response. I have tried Amedei, Pralus, Domori, Amano and they are all excellent but considerably more expensive. Beyond things in that price range I cannot seem to find anything with decent cacao flavor. I find Callebaut flavorless other than vanilla, Guittard seems a little too flat. Anything you really like not over $10/lb wholesale?
Would you consider a raw liquor?

You have a raw liquor that sells for under $10/lb wholesale?

:: Clay
Possibly. Depends on volume commitment.
No. I am going to be wholesaling to chefs who need a finished product. Thanks for the suggestion though.
We can do a raw couverture too at a slightly higher price. All depends on volume.

Trying to sell these pastry chefs on raw product would be like trying to push move a mountain with my bare hands. So much of how they and their customers perceive the flavors of cacao has to do with the heavy roast. This is not a challenge I am up for right now.

However, I checked out your website and was intrigued by many of your products, are you looking for retailers? We are more gourmet than natural, but I am always looking for new ways for my customers to experience the flavors of cacao.

Thanks again,
Hi Matt,
We are looking for more retailers. We are launching a brand new website in about 30 days which should support our retailers better. Our sales manager is Mike Zwiebach. He can be reached at 415-456-3311 x 118 during normal business hours in California. He would be happy to discuss with you the possibilities of supporting your customers with something unique, exciting, and unusual. He is happy to send out some free samples.
We are banging on all cylinders here. I will find the time after the New Year. Happy fourth quarter!

Have you tried any of the Felchlin products? Most people only know about the Grand Cru line, which is on par with Valrhona in terms of cost, but there is also a less expensive line that many top chocolatiers use for the bulk of production, reserving the Grand Cru for special pieces. Many of them will also do a slight bit of blending, opting to put a more flavorful chocolate into something that needs to be kicked up. So, adding a small amount of a conched liquor to a 55% may get you 65%-75% but you control the intensity.

:: Clay
Thanks for the response. I will definitely try Felchlin again. It has been years and my taste for chocolate has definitely matured. Do you happen to know who the importer is or who I could contact to find out if they would like a new importer in the Intermountain West? I believe it may be Swiss Chalet who I think got bought up by Atalanta.


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