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Does anyone know of a bulk choc. as good as Valrhona in the same general $ range?

I am trying to find a brand to use in bulk in the same general price range as Valrhona, but of the same quality. Everything I have tried so far is either WAY worse or WAY more expensive. Any help would be great.

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Swiss Chalet/SAIL (Swiss American Imports Limited) handles Felchlin in the US and they have distribution centers in Florida (where they are headquartered) in the NE (New Jersey) and in LA - at least. I am fairly confident that Felchlin is not looking for another importer, but there is no reason why you can't become a sub-distributor of Felchlin products through Swiss Chalet/SAIL. Yes, Atalanta did purchase them but is pretty much leaving them alone to do what they do. If you like, I can introduce you to Hans Bauman who can set you up.

::: Clay
Too kind of you. Please do put me in touch with Mr. Bauman. I would love to try his products and we are already a sub-distributor for Atalanta. We ship their stuff out of New Jersey so hopefully they can combine our orders. Please let me know how I can get in touch with him, the Intermountain West is DYING for decent product at a reasonable price. Because of the way Valrhona is distributed here even large users of Valrhona such as Jean Georges restaurant are paying over $11/lb. They are aware of the much lower prices in other markets and are all telling me how fed up they are and willing to try something else.

While Valrhona lets us distribute its retail product, they will not allow us to do so with food service. I am friends with their retail National Sales Manager, Heidi Tancredi and I have told her how much business they are losing, that I would love to solve that problem for them, etc., etc. However, they are worried about upsetting European Imports and/or Paris Gourmet, even though they can't get product here for less than $11/lb.

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just wanted to second the recomendation for Felchlin. I really like the Bolivian 68% (Cru sauvage) for a well-rounded "chocolatey" flavor. Also like the Hacienda el vesia (Dominican 74).
Thanks Sarah. What have you used it for? Are you in the industry?
Hi. Yes. I have a little confectionery and shop in Portland, Oregon. We use the Bolivian primarily for our Chloe ganache and for our chocolate drinks. It is well rounded but still interesting and very "chocolatey" all over your mouth which makes for a nice hot chocolate. The dominican we use for a S.O.truffle. Both are easy to work with and fairly "consistant". I love Valrhona, too. I gotta say. Pleasure to work with and I like their Grand Crus.
Dear Matt,

As OYAL Import & Export, I work as the export department of one of Turkey's top quality chocolate manufacturers, Efes Chocolate.

Please visit their website to have a look at their products (you may need to translate it through google to understand).

They offer a selection of compound and real chocolates consisting of tablets, madeleines, dragees, coated dragees, bars, couvertures, ganaches, chocolate chips, pralines, cocoa powders, ice-cream dipping sauce, fillings and more...

I can also send you samples for you to compare the taste with Valrhona.

- Muhittin Can
Mr. Can,

I would love some samples. However, please be aware that I am known for brutal honesty. Once I get the samples and a price list you will hear from me if I like them. Otherwise, only ask me for my opinion if you really want it. You can contact me at caputo (dot) matt (at) g mail

Michel Cluizel (noble ingredients) has some nice chocolate and they are in that same price range. It's a drag that Amedei shut down their New York office as I use some of theirs for a couple truffles.
Thanks for the suggestion. I assumed their food service stuff was considerably more expensive. I will check it out.

Also, I am a direct importer of Amedei and can supply you if you can't find anybody else. Among numerous other retail accounts, I supply Chocolatier Blue who uses nothing but Amedei. He uses roughly two hundred kilos per month so I get Amedei's best distributor pricing.


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