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Does anyone know why Callebaut is no longer marketing Mycryo for tempering?

Does anyone know why Callebaut is no longer marketing Mycryo for tempering?

I noticed they have changed the label to show fish  and corn and it has the tag "cocoa butter for salty applications"

Mycryo tempering info has disappeared from it's website.

I just bought some from Chef Rubber but now I hesitate to use it.

Anyone knows what gives?

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Wednesday I am at the belgian callebaut chocolate academy and I will ask the question!

Send me a pm in case I forgot the reply to this..


Davy I would love to know how your experience at the academy is, I'm going in April. What are you taking, if you don't mind me asking?
My regional Callebaut rep just dropped some off, I doubt they would drop it as it fantastic to use in so many applications. A local supplier should know where to get it? Or contact Callebaut direct.

I have taken three courses at Callebaut.  They are worth every cent.  As for Mycryo, I love the stuff.  I call it my magic powder.  While I have a Gami tempering machine, there are times I need to quickly temper small amounts of a chocolate that isn't in the machine.  This works prefectly every time.  It is possible to use too much and it over tempers causing the chocolate to crack, but generally it isn't a problem.

Sorry for the late reply Margaret.

I have asked you question at callebaut, and nothing has changed for the Mycryo.

You can still use it for tempering your chocolate.

I also didn't find the topic on the USA site of callebaut, but it still is in the UK part to have it in englisch.

Here's the link


About the academy, I also think it's worth the money!  We learned some new techniques..  Seen some new ways to come to a new recipe.  These peoples are working every day to discover new ways and products to be the best chocolate in the world.  Our group had a 2 days course from Philippe Vancayseele, he's a really great guy to listen to and to work with.  If you read this Philippe, thanks again!!



There was a demo day at Humber College in Toronto a month or so back - Philippe Vancayseele was the chef!  Wonderful presentation, excellent teacher - I'd highly recommend any course with him.


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