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A simple angle steel frame bolted together to hold the grinding stones above an Ultra wet grinder. This can help when cleaning the finished chocolate off the grinder stones. You might think of it as being a third hand.

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There is a small delrin piece known as batter cleaning system (because it was developed for the batter). You place this piece on top of the grinder vessel. Place the roller stone on top of it, use one hand to hold the top of the roller holder and with the other hand manually rotate the conical stones. The batter cleaner cleans the chocolate stuck to the stones and the chocolate falls into the vessel. This simple device reduces the wastage of chocolate. Batter cleaning system is included with the CocoaT melangers. If you need to order just the batter cleaner, you can order it from

Yeah thanks too

Thanks for the tip.

Nice! A clever idea to get the last bit of chocolate from the stones. I usually remove the stones and put them on the marble slab as the there may be some slightly rough, unground nib pieces in the top that will drop when scratching.


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